Clown Fish

About Us

Sea & Reef Aquaculture is located on the beautiful coast of Maine. We specialize in culturing only the highest quality marine ornamental fish for the aquarium hobby. Through careful research and dedication our team of marine biologists brings you saltwater fish of optimum health and vivid color.

History & Mission

Soren Hansen

Sea & Reef Aquaculture was founded in 2003 by marine biologist Soren Hansen. The company was started because of our love for the coral reefs and our desire to help protect it. It is well known that there are inherent problems with wild harvest of marine tropical fish including damaging harvesting methods, long transportation times, diseases, parasites, stressed fish and high mortality rates.

Our mission is to help reduce fishing pressure on the world’s coral reefs by providing marine aquarium hobbyists with 100% captive bred marine ornamental fish.

Conscientious hobbyists can feel confident they are not impacting the coral reefs in a negative way when buying our captive bred fish. Through our research and development we strive to bring more captive bred species to the saltwater aquarium hobby. In many ways, captive bred fish are a better alternative to wild collected fish.

10 Reasons to buy captive Bred Fish from Sea & Reef

1) Disease and Parasite Free

We have strict biosecurity in our facility and all our fish are guaranteed disease and parasite free.

2) Environmentally Friendly

Purchasing captive bred livestock helps limit our hobby's impact on coral reefs. All our fish are cultured in saltwater recirculation systems.

3) Hardier

Our fish are already accustomed to life in a tank environment and therefore easily acclimate to your reef tank.

4) Less Shipping Stress

A short transit time ensures low stress during transport. In contrast, most wild collected fish experience long transit time from place of origin to your tank.

5) People Friendly

Captive bred fish associate people with food, which means they come up to the glass to beg for food rather than hiding in the presence of people.

6) Eats a Variety of Diets

Our fish are conditioned to eat a variety of food including flakes, pellets and frozen food. They will eat almost any aquarium diet you offer them.

7) Less Aggressive

Captive bred fish are generally much less aggressive than wild caught fish. For example, several captive raised false percula clownfish (Ocellaris) can peacefully coexist in the same tank.

8) Long Life

When you buy a captive bred clownfish from Sea & Reef Aquaculture it is only a few months old. You can therefore be assured that your clownfish can live for many years. Did you know that a clownfish in captivity can survive more than 30 years?

9) Support Research

Part of the proceeds from the sale of our fish helps support aquaculture research. We are currently engaged in a research project to develop culture protocols for pelagic spawning reef fish, like the flame angels (Centropyge loricula).

10) Made in the USA

All our fish are born in the USA. By supporting Sea & Reef Aquaculture you are supporting a company which is 100% US based.