Splendid Dottyback

Splendid Dottyback

Scientific Name:
Manonichthys splendens

Maximum Size:
5.1” (13 cm)


Splendid Dottyback lives up to its name because the pattern and coloration of this fish is extraordinarily beautiful. It has a yellow base body color with an intricate pattern of dark to purple coloration that extends into the dorsal fin. A sky blue line runs at the top of the dorsal fin and on the bottom part of the pelvic fins. The tail is bright yellow. A dark to black line runs through its face and eyes like a mask.


Splendid Dottyback are native to Indonesia and can be found around the Island of Flores, Komodo Island, Sumba Island and Timor. They can often be found close to bushy yellow tube sponges.

Temperament & Captive Care

Splendid Dottyback can grow to 5” and are known for having a temper. However, captive bred fish tend to be much less aggressive than wild collected fish. The Splendid Dottyback can be aggressive to smaller fish and it is recommended to keep this fish with larger fish species.


Most dottybacks love meaty food items like Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, krill, and various frozen meaty aquarium foods. However, they will also readily accept pellets and flake food.